Come and enjoy the marine world of Tenerife with us


Every morning, we go out in small group with the boat to the best dive sites in the southern area of ​​Tenerife.


Are you a certified diver and want to discover some of the best dive sites on Tenerife? Book one to multiple recreational dives with Zero Gravity and our team will ensure you see the most of its beauty.


Why Tenerife?

Tenerife is a volcanic island, so its aquatic landscapes offer us spectacular views with caves, tunnels, walls, lava flows and many rock formations. We can also explore several sunken ships. The marine fauna and flora is very diverse: you can find schools of fish, octopus, moray eels, sea horses, cuttlefish, trumpet fish, turtles, triggerfish, rays, crabs, anemones, multi-colored fish, angel sharks and much more.



 Minimum 10 years old

 Diving certification

 Fill in a medical questionnaire

 Diving insurance*


*A diving insurance can be contracted through our dive centre with AXA Insurance at a fare price. Get in touch for more information.


In case you are interested in multiple dives, get in touch to discuss details and dive sites.

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