A very first time underwater to discover the waters of Tenerife


Are you more than 10 years old, a beginner with no experience in diving who want to try and discover the underwater world or are you thinking about taking a scuba diving course are not really sure whether you will like it under the water?


At Zero Gravity, we arrange you individual try dives, ensure proper diver preparation with the support of a personal professionnal instructor to maximise safety and make you enjoy this special experience. Our team will also take underwater pictures, which you'll be able to have a look at and purchase if wished.


You will explore the wonderful aquatic places near the south of Tenerife, where we organize the try dives and snorkel safaris. Take the opportunity to dive with many animnals such as octopuses, seahoreses, fishes, crabs, rays and sometimes turtles.



✓ Half a day required to complete the try dive

Theory session with an introduction to scuba diving, diving equipment and diving brief

✓ Full scuba diving equipment provided

✓ Personal PADI Diving instructor to guide you the whole dive

✓ Open Water Dive to discover the ocean

✓ Underwater pictures to never forget your first time (in extra)


Total Price: 75€

Medical Statement
Before you sign up for this experience, please verify the document and make sure you are fit for diving and in case you must answer YES to any of these questions, please consult with the doctor prior booking the experience with Zero Gravity.
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Your experience enjoying the underwater world of the South of Tenerife with Gravity Zero.

Let us take you to an amazing place where we can observe a large variety of aquatic animals in Tenerife. At Zero Gravity, we  organize trip to remote and quiet sites, protected and shallow area with ideal conditions for beginners and snorkelling.



✓ Half a day required to complete the snorkel safari

✓ Theory session with an introduction to snorkelling, snorkel equipment and diving brief

✓ Full snorkelling equipment provided

✓ Open Water snorkel safari to discover the ocean


Total Price: 40€

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